Abstract Submission Deadline:
30.9.2022 23:59

Abstract Submission Guideline

– Abstract language is Turkish or English.
– Abstract presentation types are oral and poster.
– Abstracts should be submitted online through the link above by 30 September 2022.
– To submit an abstract:
– An account should be created on abstract submission module.
– The title should be comprehensive to summarize the abstract. The first letters of each word of the title should be capital.
– The abstract body should be 350 words.
– Only first letter of the sentences should be capital. The rest should be written in lower case except the proper names, abbreviations etc.
– The abbreviations should be stated in parenthesis where they are first used.
– The number of keywords is 1 minimum and 3 maximum. Keywords should be comma-separated.
– 1 table and 1 figure are allowed.
– Abstract will be subject to blind evaluation. After the evaluation is completed the submitters will be notified about the result (acceptance / revision / rejection)
– The presenter of the abstract should be registered for the congress for the abstract’s being included in the scientific program and published in abstracts book.
– Once the abstract is submitted, it’s admitted that the presenter approved the publication of the abstract on behalf of other authors.